Website Updates, New Bloggers


Thanks Kristi and Georgina for reminding us all that we have this forum for talking bats and park science. I wanted to share a couple updates with you …

iSWOOP2.0 has a new url, Your blog posts are showing up there as well as on The new site has a page for each of the parks involved. Skimpy now, but will get better over time. Happy to hear any suggestions you have or to post images and material from you (with credit) if you have content to contribute. You should be able to upload using the Media menu item (Add New & follow prompts).

I’m hoping the blog set up on can look pretty much the same and function pretty much in the same way that we are all accustomed to. I’ll invite rangers from new parks to join the conversation. Just wanted to give you a heads up that there may be some new voices chiming in or new lurkers.

Speaking of science in parks, there’s a revival of #parkscience with lots of cool tweets showing up. Please add any pictures or soundbites representing science happenings (either visitors’ observations and questions, volunteers’, resource managers’ or scientists projects) at CAVE.

Keep cool–as much as you can.


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