iPads for Bat Flight Rove??

Hi, Last year I remember hearing that iPads were okay for bat flight rove. Anyone experimenting?

Don’t forget the enlarged photos for another colorful option.




5 thoughts on “iPads for Bat Flight Rove??

  1. I haven’t used the iPad at a rove yet as the time we had scheduled to actually rove before a program wasn’t really long enough. Now however, as we reach our longest days and the bats come out later, we may have more of an opportunity to use it.


    • Good point. Hey, I’m scheduled to visit in July, I hope I catch you in action on one of those days … (Something like July 21-24). Are you making any changes to your iSWOOP program?


  2. I haven’t done any roving during bat flight with the iPod/iPad. Considering the nature of the program I don’t think I will, I feel it will detract from the speaker, who will be doing her own Q&A. We also stress to visitors to turn off all electronics so having an IPad may seem like a contradiction. I’d prefer to use the enlarged photos instead. On another note, when elevator lines get really long, roving with the IPad/IPod make for great interactions.

    See ya in July.


  3. Kristi should jump in here … I think she had it in mind to use the iPad at bat flight rove before the bat flight talk begins. Often there are people wandering in to get settled much before the talk begins, no? Your point about not competing with the speaker is well-taken.
    Lupe, please get some visitor feedback on your chats with people in the elevator line. Does it make the time go faster? What else do they wish you could show them? If they could make a personal library of images from the ones you display, which would they choose? Can you help families who wouldn’t ordinarily think to ask questions of a ranger feel entitled to ask for interpretation, I mean help them feel comfortable talking to whomever is on the Big Room rove?


  4. Hi Martha – It’s been a while since roving with the iPad during the elevator lines, but people seemed oddly grateful for having “entertainment” (little did they know they were learning haha). The folks whom I spoke with were in a good mood. I do think I was able to reach people who normally wouldn’t ask about bats as they were a very captive audience. I stood in one spot and showed the picture of the pup, I’d ask how old they believed the pup was then that conversation would unfurl for a while before they moved down the line and I got the next group of people. Visitors would gravitate to the iPad and often times I wouldn’t even have to ask the first question they would start the conversation on their own.


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