Wrapping up March


Thinking of you at CAVE a lot these days. I know Georgina and Eric are getting ready for big transitions. Thank you for bringing your special touch to iSWOOP programs. Let us know about challenges for interpretation in your new sites (when you get there and get settled).

Christina, keep us posted on where you land. Steve too.

Thankfully we have Ellen, Jeff, Chris, Virginia, and Steve (for now), and Pam! to keep the momentum going.

Louise and I are talking up iSWOOP here at the conference Science for Parks, Parks for Science. We’re spreading the word about your excellent work informing the public about park-based research.

All for now. Lots of sessions to attend.


2 thoughts on “Wrapping up March

  1. Ack! Sorry I’ve been so MIA… I’m behind on so much! Sunday will be my last day here at CAVE :(:(:( But I’ll be spending the summer on the beach! I start work at Cape Hatteras National Seashore on April 6th! Some of the darkest night skies on the East Coast, barrier islands, a Globally Important Bird Area… It’s gonna be fantastic!


  2. Wow. That’s excellent. I’ve been thinking lots about science and seashores. Let’s brainstorm together when you get a handle on the issues. Coastal erosion? Sediment transport? Threats to bird habitat??

    If you need a place to stop on the way east, consider crashing with Nick and Louise. They have a nice guest room. Su casa es tu casa. I think it’s supposed to be mi casa es tu casa, but I am freely offering their house.


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