Professor Pflitsch–upcoming visit, talks, visuals

Hi All,

I wanted you to know that Andreas Pflitsch, cave climatologist, is planning to be at CAVE starting 2/17. BG asked Maggi and Mike to work on the schedule and other logistics so some/many of you will get to his talk. I have also asked him about leaving images with you that you can use in programs or on roves. I hope one of you (Chris??) can make sure the images get onto the iSWOOP laptops and hard drive if not the iPads. (iPad transfer can happen later if the images are on a computer onsite.)

Stay tuned. Fingers crossed this all comes together. Here’s what I know from Andreas:

I would like two have two periods of talks. The first one in the beginning. My student Wilhelm Furian did some great analysis in his Bachelor thesis and later in an article and he will give an overview about all of this. That’s about 30 to 45 minutes. I would give an overview as well for about the same time. It would be great to have this the first day (17th of February) in the afternoon.
The second block would be by the students who are doing all the projects to give an overview what they did and about the first results. Here the best day would be the Sunday the 22nd, for maybe about 1 hour.

2) Contributing video, stills, graphs, or other visualizations

I think we can provide some graphs and thermal images, showing the evolution of cold air flowing into the cave and warm air moving out, which would be the most interesting we have. As well some graphs showing the temperature patterns during normal cave use and during the government shut down.  Does that work?

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