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Hey all, Just wanted to take a few minutes and write about the programs that I have done with iSwoop. My first program I did was a huge success, I had standing room only and the program lasted about 45 minutes or so. The most interaction and facilitated dialogue had had were with the kids in the group. These kids asked extremely informed questions and had great ideas about the different ways bats fly and what bats and humans have in common with aircraft and other types of air frames that humans use. The audience in general was a pretty mixed crowd families with children all the way up to older folks all of who showed great interest and curiosity in not only bats but some of the research that has been done to help learn more about them.
My second program on the other hand was much smaller but still just as curious. The to children that came in with there family were really interested and informed about bats and a lot of the science we already know about them. It was a little harder to maintain a fluid program with them though because they kept asking questions and bringing up things not directly related to my program about bat flight mechanics.
I’m still trying to feel out the best times for a program to get optimal interaction from the visitors but it seem the later afternoon ones have a better turn out than the morning ones.

One thought on “Blog catch up

  1. I would agree that afternoon program times seem to work out the best, as people who are arriving in the morning want to get into the cave immediately. I’m glad you were able to get so much interest in your programs. I also enjoy programs with kids who are so excited about bats. Even if my program goes less “smoothly” I always feel like we’re having a lot of fun!


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