Flythroughs, Bats & iSwoop

In the past week, i have connected with many visitors using the iPad and our training base on roves and programs.  The flythrough of the Natural Entrance and to Bat Cave seem to enrich the experience of visitors who wish to go but cannot set foot in these areas.  Particularly for visitors with physical or psychological  limitations that keep them from walking the Natural Entrance.  I call it the iSwoop intervention.  Instead of feeling left out, visitors feel fortunate or relieved to know what they would have missed or regretted trying after seeing the flythrough.  On slow days, which we’ve had plenty of, discussions on roves over iSwoop discussion topics are not uncommon to go past 20 minutes.

The footage by Dr. Nick and Dr. Louise is something people walking around do not expect to see and are generally thrilled!!  Interest in experiencing or being connected to iSwoop in other parks or through voluntary participation has been voiced.  Random comments I’ve received have ranged from “Do we pay extra for this?   This is awesome!!” to “Thank you SO much!  I’m so glad you showed us this!” and “We’re really glad we met you!  This was so interesting!”

I know I wouldn’t receive most of these reactions without these tools.  Contacts with visitors have not only increased but have been enhanced tremendously with the iSwoop experience.  These tools and our training havealso  helped a great deal to change or clarify the perceptions and superstitions many of  our visitors hold on bats.  Good stuff.


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