Dissemination Opportunities

Hi All,

In case helping to make iSWOOP famous is of interest to you or you have your own aspirations to publish in 2015, below are a few opportunities that I know of. I’d be happy to co-write, giving one or more of you first authorship. I know many (all?) of you are in writing mode given the wayside project, so maybe there are some waysides on bats and we can feed two birds with one hand. There is plenty of flexibility in terms of timing for when–no particular urgency.

1) Legacy Magazine (of NAI)

Sadly we missed the call for articles on roving for Legacy Magazine (of NAI). That issue will appear soon. The next one that looks remotely related to iSWOOP is Interpretation for Diverse Audiences. Upcoming topics such as interpreting sports and Native American cultures didn’t seem quite as relevant. Even this may be a stretch.

Interpretation for Diverse Audiences

Submit queries by August 10, 2015; to appear November/December 2015:
Completed manuscripts for accepted queries due September 15, 2015

Regarding manuscripts, the website says:

As the premiere magazine produced by the interpretive profession, Legacy is looking for professional writing that provides more than information. Writers for Legacy should make every attempt to forge emotional and intellectual connections between the interests of their readers and the inherent meanings in the resources being described. In other words, Legacy articles should be interpretive, not just informative. Check your story before submittal to see if it:

  • Relates to the theme of the issue
  • Has a specific theme within the article (what is the main idea that you want to convey)
  • Serves a purpose by provoking further thought or action
  • Engages the reader by being relevant to their life experience
  • Is appropriate for the audience (those who have interest in or visit interpretive sites)

Email Legacy to submit a query.

2) Naturally Speaking (monthly newsletter) mainly reaches resource manager types. Interpretive leadership (e.g., NPS regional chief interpreters are on the list. They may forward the newsletter to their staffs if they find something of interest. Articles are 450-500 words in length. I did one introducing iSWOOP and talking about the bat population census work by Hristov, Allen, et al. We could do one on laser scanning, for example. 

3) Inside NPS. Pam wrote and published a short article on iSWOOP last January/early February. We could do another on visitor response to technology, for example.

4) I have a long-standing wish to publish a few blog entries designed for the audience of the radio show, Living on Earth. As Kristi knows, this has been in the works for a while and might be a companion to an audio piece Nick and filmmaker friends work on. If you’re interested in this, I can share what I have so far.

5) Others? Have I missed any outlets that you know of? Michael Haynie will be gathering text for the Summer issue of the park newsletter at some point. If he’s willing to give iSWOOP some space again, that would be great.

If you’re interested, let me know. If you’re interested in pursuing one of these opportunities outside your regular work hours, there may be a way to compensate you–I’d work with Maggi or Pam to figure this out. Let me know that too.



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