…and so I’M back… from outer space???

Hello again, lovely blog and iSWOOPers! I’m 4 days into my winter season back here at CAVE, hitting the ground running, as they say. Georgina, Ellen, and Eric have caught me up on the summer goings-on, and I was delighted to drag out the 60″ and Macbook on Saturday to see what kind of conversations might be had. I chatted with about 3 separate groups, ran through my program slides at least once (thanks, kids, for moving my slideshow into the new computer – keeping the hope alive!), and just generally got a feel on where I’m at and where I want to go. I’m excited about the iPads… soon, soon. Also…

Last night, I was allowed the opportunity to do a Bat Watch! Per usual, Bat Flight programming ended on Halloween. But the bats… there are still plenty of them! (At least until the cold snap that will be descending this evening…) The LEs requested a ranger presence, so I headed down last night at around 5pm to do a little Q&A. There were about 80 curious souls waiting, watching… Dusk was a touch chilly, the sky clear. Then, just around 5:22… bats! Thin and steady, heading straight south. That familiar rushing stream sound as they circled and ascended… A few misfits breaking out to erratically skitter above their audience. Lovely. How lucky am I, to have an opportunity to be with those critters once more?

Anyway, pardon my ruminating. Back to skimming through past posts and enjoying my smuggled mocha in the Carlsbad library. It’s good to be back…

One thought on “…and so I’M back… from outer space???

  1. Christina!!!! So happy to have you back. Nick, Martha and Myself are 3 days away from submitting to fund iSWOOP 2.0, so don’t take Martha’s silence as a bad sign. We are all CRAZY town on the east coast, but we will return to you all soon in spirit (on the blog), and in person (in December). See/Talk to you soon!


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