Update on Feedback

Hi All,

A quick check in to let you know where we are with feedback from the past few weeks. Since I observed and had notes for some of the programs I attended, I filled in the answers for those with a critical mass of five or more participants. Georgina and Ellen, I didn’t do yours for the groups of 2 and 3, though I do have notes.

Eric, there is one that you did off-site that you mentioned you’d write up. That’s  one I know I’m missing. Also, Lupe, I think blogged about a program that didn’t get recorded in the google form.

Am I missing anything else?

6/4 Ellen

6/11 Ellen

6/21 Virginia

6/28 Eric (observed, MM wrote up)

6/29 Virginia (observed, MM wrote up)

6/29 Eric (videorecorded, MM wrote up)

6/30 Eric (lunchroom, MM wrote up)

7/1 Ellen

7/7 Ellen

7/11 Kristi

7/11 Shane

7/12 Walter

7/14 Georgina

One thought on “Update on Feedback

  1. Here’s an update from July 15-Aug. 29. Almost at 100 programs (not quite as a few were cancelled)

    Lupe 7/17
    Walter 7/19
    Kristi 7/22
    Ellen 7/23
    Lupe 7/24
    Walter 7/26
    Walter 7/29
    Ellen 7/30
    Walter 7/30
    Krist 7/31
    Lupe 8/1
    Shane 8/1
    Kristi 8/6
    Lupe 8/7
    Shane 8/1 cancelled due to emergency
    Walter 8/9
    Walter 8/9
    Walter 8/12
    Kristi 8/13
    Shane 8/19 cancelled
    Shane 8/19 cancelled
    Shane 8/16 (line 90)
    Kristi 8/19 cancelled
    Walter 8/23 (line 93)
    Walter 8/24/14
    Kristi 8/26
    Virginia from 7/12? Logged 8/29


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