Reflection on day two

We started the day with bio-acoustics. For a person that considers herself “acoustically challenged” this did not sound very interesting. I’ve never played an instrument, I can’t sing, can’t read music, etc. So you can imagine the hesitation I had about learning something so alien.

Surprisingly, I found this session to be extremely interesting. Nick presented in a way that was engaging and interactive with our gadgets at hand, which I could later incorporate with my visitors.  It is important to remember that not only are we teaching visitors about bats and Carlsbad, but we are also encouraging STEM learning. We never know the impact we may have on visitors.

Interacting with sound while learning about bat’s echolocation lends itself to accomplishing both park and iSWOOP goals. I will gravitate towards bio-acoustics with my iSWOOP program given that I have some program ideas floating in my head. Having a seed of an idea was a great day to finish off the day and commence my longed for weekend.

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