Numerical analogies

90% is like being at 4:12pm on a 9 to 5 workday.

1,000 is like 20 rolls of pennies.

10,000 is like the number of yards in 1oo football fields.

One thought on “Numerical analogies

  1. 1,000 pounds is between 8 or 9 Martha’s.
    10,000 miles is like 5 round-trips Boston to CAVE
    10,000 years is like one 100-year lifetime times 100
    15 blinks a minute. In an hour you might blink 1,000 times. It might take about 11 hours to blink 10,000 times.
    you could fill 833 12-ounce cans of soda from a 10,000 ounce vat.
    If it took you half a minute to fill a can, you could accomplish the task in 416 minutes or in 68 hours, a little over two days if you didn’t stop to sleep.


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