Catching up on iSWOOP – FAQ topics missing from 1/2 our participants

Am I missing them?  Have you submitted your FAQ idea?  Not to call anyone out, but Bob, Mark, Eric, Jen and Christina I’m not seeing your FAQ topics?  Christina I understand you have been sick, I’m gonna say rest up and hit me up when you’re feeling better.  Mark I understand that you have been swamped with the new exhibit, so I would rather you focus on getting your program off the ground (get it? that was a bat related pun) and work on the FAQs later. For the rest of you let me know if I missed them and I will shut up. Thanks to everyone who has submitted their ideas.  For everyone, it would be probably be a good idea to work on these FAQs between the spring break rush and when summer really gets going…

I have ideas… lots of ideas. Lets see if you like any of them. Jen, if you are struggling for an idea, I think you could work off your “What is an algorithm?” idea from your presentation.  Mark, maybe you would be interested in doing an FAQ comparing traditional cave survey techniques with laser scanning.  Eric, I really liked the part of your presentation where you used an image for 1 second and then asked us to tell you what we saw (I actually used a similar method in one of my classes).  How could we turn that into a FAQ?  Bob, you were big on the modern day naturalist. Who are the most important historical naturalists?  Maybe you could do an FAQ talking about classic studies in biology and who made these discoveries?  I don’t know, the possibilities are endless.  Hopefully that freedom is liberating and not scary.  Lets brainstorm!

5 thoughts on “Catching up on iSWOOP – FAQ topics missing from 1/2 our participants

  1. Hi Louise,
    Remember (I didn’t until now), Eric agreed to write for Naturally Speaking, so that’s why he hasn’t posted ideas for an FAQ.


  2. Louise, I apologize about the late arrival of these questions. As my program is mainly about how thermal imaging has expanded the bat flight experience, I’d personally like to have a deeper understanding of what thermal actually is. I’m open to all suggestions and to whatever angle you’d like me to pursue.

    How did thermal imaging technologies come about? What were the first applications?
    How does thermal imaging work? Why does it work?
    When were thermal imaging technologies first used to study bats? What were the circumstances?
    How undercover are the cameras? Can they really go unobserved by bats? Do they make sounds, need daily maintenance?


    • Sorry for the late response. Nick has a really nice technical paper on using thermal imaging to study bats. I will dig it up and share it on the resources page. I think the other information would be readily accessible on the web.


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