Conference Call Agenda for 3/12/2014

Greetings iSWOOP amigos,
Louise and I are looking forward to our talk with you on Wed. a.m.
For vocal quality, let’s go with a traditional conference line. 617-873-9622 (no pass code needed)

For an agenda, here are the possible items starting with updates from CAVE
–Where? Where are you setting up the iSWOOP cart? Comments on advantages and disadvantages.

–When? Is there anything to do to promote surface programs that happen half hour or hour before tours so that people don’t lose out because they only have 10 or 15 mins?

–Who? Are you getting larger groups as anticipated? How is that going?

–What? What are you noticing about what works during short interactions vs. longer ones? Are the programs and interactions satisfying, engaging (for you, for visitors)? What could be more so?

–Can we …? Can we do more to get visitors (those who want to be) even more actively considering the data in the session; being more careful observers after the iSWOOP session; caring more about CAVE, about the science? Do you/we need some more dramatic, “Stay tuned to find out … Come back to learn … ” type sound bytes? That makes me wonder: What questions might researchers be answering next?

–How? How is the research going for your FAQs? Any questions about length, topics, etc.?

Anything else?
Please keep filling out feedback forms!

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