Thinking about thermal imagery

I was just telling Jenn about how I was reheating my leftovers in the microwave at TERC the other day. The chime sounded–heating complete. Yet I was not ready; I was finishing washing dishes or something. I thought, “I could take my food out in case someone comes and wants to use the microwave. No, I’ll leave it in there to stay warm.” And then I wondered if the air inside the microwave stays warm at all. What would the thermal image of my plate of food look like over the course of a minute or two (when I put it in to when the heating process stops to when I take it out 30 seconds later? I bet it’s pretty different from how it looks in a conventional oven or toaster oven. Would those differ compared to a convection oven? I know very little about this, I realize.

This youtube video didn’t exactly answer my question. Maybe there’s a better one out there. Let’s ask some of the visitors who seem familiar with thermography to give us their input.

This one I pasted in by mistake–acupuncture and thermal imaging.

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