Hello everyone,

 What are your thoughts on adding a section to indicate the date and time of the program when filling out the response form. I think this information is valuable for documenting trends in attendance and potentially other things. I do not know if Martha has already been documenting the dates that the response forms were submitted. I actually sometime fill out the form a day or two after I gave my program because I might not have had time to do it immediately after.

3 thoughts on “Suggestion.

  1. Georgina, I was wondering about this myself! I know that I’ve stockpiled program notes and filled out forms much later myself. Maybe I’ll start making note of those details in the opening paragraph. I usually also like to describe the group dynamic in that paragraph, too (how many people, whether families, couples, sometimes estimated ages, who joined or left, etc.).


  2. I can do this (add a date column), especially if others think it’s a good idea. I was thinking the same thing, Georgina, when I realized one of your posts was related to a different day. I am also seeing that some columns are routinely ignored. I am considering deleting those unless someone wants to argue for their ongoing presence.

    Tx, GJ.


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