5 thoughts on “FAQ Sheets??

  1. Hi,
    The vision as I understand it, is to have an Q and A format rather than a story that encompasses all the questions and answers.
    For an organizational strategy, I’ve been thinking how each answer might present information that falls into yes [we know the answer]; no, and maybe categories. For example:
    What we can say for sure is ____
    What we don’t know is _______
    What we surmise is/maybe is true is _______

    I’m definitely in favor of conversational style rather than dry, scientific, informational. On the other hand, I’d like the FAQ’s to be able to be read as a whole set, so not too uneven, disparate in style and voice. Sounds like a challenge, which is why (in part) people end up publishing so much that is dry and flavorless.

    Are you itching to tell a story? For what audience (level of background knowledge and sophistication)?


  2. Honestly, I am leaving the park in less than four weeks so a simple question and answer format would probably work best for me.


    • Josh, Are you going back to Zion? I have been trying not to bring up this subject (of you moving on) in case you try to practice the mindset of “be here now” rather than focusing on the future.

      Re: FAQ’s. Keep them simple. I’d rather see one or two ideas explained well, with good analogies and an illustration than a lot of information that is hard to follow.


  3. No my mind is pretty flexible. I am able to live in the moment while looking toward the future very well… and yes I have decided to work at Zion this summer!


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