FAQ Authors and Due Dates

Here’s what I have from the list

Ellen: Last week of Feb on Mo-cap

Josh: Beginning of March

Jennifer: March 15

Christina: March 30

Georgina: Week of April 1

Eric: April 6-12

Pam: April 15 on Reproduction

Mark: April 16 or so

Virginia: Last week of April


PLEASE leave a comment with your topic of interest ASAP.  Thanks

3 thoughts on “FAQ Authors and Due Dates

  1. Ellen and Josh, you are up first. In addition to your topics, please also create a new post with some questions that you hope your FAQ page. Please use the contributor category (your name) and “FAQ Collaboration”. Since you FAQs are schedule in the next couple of weeks, it would be good to get this started as soon as you can. Thanks!


  2. Louise! How’s it going? I’d really like to delve further into thermal imaging for my page… The nitty gritty of the technology and why it even works… Yeah, that’s where I’d like to head!


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