Two visitors and a contractor

The title of the post describes the 3 people in attendance at my iSWOOP program this morning.  They didn’t all come at once.  I had a couple, about my parents’ age,  right at 9:30 when the program started.  However, they were on the 10:00 King’s Palace tour, so I promised them I would keep it short.  We spent about 15 minutes together talking about the bats and technology that helps us learn more about them–they had never heard of motion capture before (and had never seen any of the movies I offered as examples)–so this program went a little differently than others.  It went well, but quickly, because then they had to head to their tour.

Then one of the contractors (Joe) for the elevator project came by.  He’s a pretty social guy and loves to talk to the rangers.  I still had the bat flight video going, hoping to catch a few more people before I packed up, and seeing it intrigued Joe.  I ended up spending the next 20 minutes showing him different videos of bats and answering his questions.  I actually pulled up the template program with all the different images on it so I could show him even more stuff, like the thermal imaging.  He loved seeing everything!  He said he wants to come to more programs over the next week to learn more about the park.  I told him everyone’s program was different, so he should definitely check them all out.  😉

On a related note:  Yesterday I was talking to some of the contractors working on the lighting project.  Cave resources had taken them into Lower Cave and they were super psyched about it.  They were asking me about getting on more adventure tours.  It seems that our partners (contractors, cooperating association, concessionaires) respond really well to learning more about the resource.  I know I have taken folks from the gift shop and bookstore on after hours tours and they’ve always responded really positively.  Maybe iSWOOP can be another way we reach out to our partners.

One thought on “Two visitors and a contractor

  1. Great detail from you, Ellen. I read your feedback on the google form first and I could see that participants were getting something out of the talk, but felt like it was hard to tell how you were feeling. Then I checked the blog and was happy to read in more detail about the interactions. You are a great asset to the project–promoting all the different iSWOOP programs. You are like the iSWOOP ambassador–talking to anyone onsite with.

    Not the contractors so much, but maybe others who have held jobs in the visitor center for a while might feel stupid asking basic questions, as if they should already know, but now the new program/cart makes it easy to find an entry point. Will there by a soft opening for the new exhibits? Could you imagine a special invite before the grand opening with a day or evening of iSWOOP programming for CAVE workers and their families?

    I saw some info from Georgina’s program earlier this week. Has anyone (Virginia? Eric? Christina? gotten to present yet?)


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