We made it!

You guys… we did it.  We made InsideNPS, and not even for something bad.   Bob found it this morning.  Pam’s write-up on the iSWOOP week, as well as a picture of Eric and me rocking the helmets, is up.  This is just the beginning!

In other news, I’ve done my iSWOOP program twice now.  Just this morning I did one for an older couple before they went on the King’s Palace tour.  It was rather chaotic because all the exhibit stuff was being rolled right past us as we huddled in the art exhibit area, but I don’t think the visitors even noticed.  They got right up to the screen, they loved comparing the differences between the two bats flying in the wind tunnel, and were fascinated to learn that scientists actually come to the park and do stuff.  They hadn’t been in the cave yet, and had never seen a bat flight, but they said they want to come back this summer and see it now!

Avelina was in the background, taking photos of the three of us (as well as the exhibit installation) and I noticed Doug (one of our elevator operators) also watching from a distance.  After I completed my program and was walking back to the roost, I stopped to talk with Doug, who had a lot of questions about what I had been showing them!  It was really cool to talk with him about the different images he had seen, but couldn’t hear me explain to the visitors.  He now wants to see more programs because I told him everybody’s was different, and there were a lot more cool things to see.  I like that iSWOOP isn’t just connecting interpreters and visitors to science, but is stimulating interest in other divisions as well.

One thought on “We made it!

  1. Very cool. You must need to be an insider to see the picture of you and Eric in your helmets. Can you send me a screen shot? You have a front seat view of people’s thinking, questioning, and observation skills. Jealous. –m


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