A couple of words (literally)

I have written and promptly deleted five different blog posts in the past 30min. Words are not coming to me right now so I will keep it short…

Thank you to everyone at the park that made this opportunity a success. Nick, Louise, and Martha, thank you all so much and please pass on a big thank you to everyone behind the scenes.

Honestly after my “weekend” it seems I can barely perceive iSwoop in the rearview mirror. Although fleeting, I think the information shared and ideas proposed in iSwoop will be with me for a long time. After all, a moment in time is all it takes to create a memory…

2 thoughts on “A couple of words (literally)

  1. Hi Josh, So glad you wrote. I admit it. I was feeling lonely.

    I like that image of the rearview mirror, but it took me a while to get it. At first I thought you were saying that we were still right with you (perhaps in your blind spot), so you couldn’t perceive iSWOOP as behind you in that rearview mirror. Umm, not quite.

    Often have no idea what I’ve learned from an experience in the moment. A month or so later I have more of a sense of what was memorable and sometimes years later I’m still incorporating a technique from a vocal coach or a facilitation idea into my work. I’ll be curious to hear what sticks with you as useful as winter turns to spring and as you leave CAVE for other settings.

    Meanwhile, I would just like to say, you don’t *have* to censor so much. Eric set the tone on this blog and he set a precedent with a stream of consciousness style.



  2. Josh… did you delete 5 different blog posts on purpose? I know blogging on WordPress and I’m thinking you were not censoring yourself, but perhaps accidentally hit the backspace?! Am I right? Eh? Here is a tip I’ve learned from my most frustrating days on WordPress. Write in MS Word then copy and paste into the blog engine.

    If this is not the case and your censoring your thoughts…I hope we created a safe place for all to speak openly.


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