Feedback hits a nerve

Hi All,

It was difficult to tear myself away from the park this morning after such a rewarding, productive week with you. If I had to draw a graph of your enthusiasm and effort, there would be a cluster of points at the high end. No long sloping bell curve needed for our pilot group of super-rangers.

Thank you for the many suggestions on the evaluation forms and for spending so much time planning your first iSWOOP programs. As you look at the feedback (I left you feedback in your mailboxes), just remember, Monday’s program was a starting point. The idea is to get better, not to be perfect now. Humm, I guess I should listen to my own advice. I know how easy it is to be defensive or depressed when I get feedback that suggests something I planned and executed is less than perfect.  Things I tell myself: 1) keep thinking about what went well and how to build on it; 2) ask for help–input ahead of time or have a sounding board for figuring out a fix can make a tremendous difference; 3) I’m not alone–during iSWOOP, for instance, everyone was taking a risk–trying something new; 4) the task was challenging and growth is good–nothing was trivial or easy about the task, but everyone, including me, is capable of growing and improving.

Before I completely leave iSWOOP to catch up on other projects, I’ll be typing up notes. I’m also looking forward to going back to look at that 3-part representation of the computer count and the compilation of bat counts over the course of many months. Kudos for those of you who incorporated some complex figures into your presentations.

On that note, I hope you all had a lovely day. It must have felt good to resume a more normal schedule.



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