Finding the inner scientist in you.

As we make keen observations and gather information about an image, a video, a natural process or our surroundings, we process that information and begin to reflect and formulate questions. These observations provide us with opportunities to think critically and gain knowledge.  It seems as if this would be a natural, instinctive thought process. For some it is. For some it seems that we lose the ability to make observations or think critically. In turn we become passive listeners who repeat the expected answers.  As interpreters we facilitate connections between visitors and the resources that we interpret. iSWOOP takes this concept a step further by challenging us to facilitate active inquiry that allows visitors to make observations, reflect and then formulate questions.

Active learning involves making an observation and asking questions.

The question in turn is, how do we nurture our and the visitors inner scientist?   

2 thoughts on “Finding the inner scientist in you.

  1. Georgina, I like way you acknowledge that we all have an inner scientist. That process might be pretty analytical or it might be waking up the wondering and imaginative thinking that helps you figure out what it might look like to find out. When nick talks, we hear a lot about the finding out part. Nick does more science than I do but I think he might also wonder more. Beyond that he imagines what it would take to find out and also dismisses a number of questions as not meeting his criteria for importance compared to effort. You have me thinking…


  2. I think affirmation is one important piece of the puzzle. When a visitor does make an observation or asks a question, no matter how outlandish or “off the mark” it may seem to us, I think affirming in them that inquisitive side is crucial. Instead of telling visitors what they are looking at, let them observe for themselves, and then continue to encourage that observation. As you mentioned, so often we are trained to “tune out” the world around us, instead of looking around and paying attention! Thanks!


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